Our Past Work


Oven Cleaning Gallery


Floor Cleaning Gallery

 Final preparations for the Marmalade house night shelter.

 âœ” We provide great quality team of expert technicians work to the highest standards on a variety of flooring types, so no matter what flooring needs to be cleaned, we guarantee 💯 that you’ll be nothing more than delighted with the results.📌📌📌 


Carpet Cleaning Gallery


✔ Our carpet cleaning by dedicated experts with years of experience.

✔ Our carpet cleaners use only the highest quality chemicals and equipment available to achieve exceptional results. 

✔ We provide a whole host of expert services that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and times. 

✔ We pride ourselves on quality service at reasonable prices. 


Communal Cleaning Gallery

What does Communal Cleaning involve? 

✔ Dusting skirting boards and handrails, wiping any marks off woodwork and walls, hoover all carpets, hoovering wooden floors and mop. 

✔ The carpet runners on the ground floors removed and the wooden floor hoovered and mopped. 

✔ The weather bars on the front and back doors should be hoovered to remove any debris.

 âœ” The front door steps should be cleaned and kept free of any papers rubbish etc. 

✔ We also remove cigarette stubs and litter from the entrance areas plus keep the bin areas clean and tidy.

 âœ” If your property has outside space, We also clean and tidy all around the areas. 

📌📌📌We provide a schedules and bespoke cleaning programs for each property. 📌📌📌

Photo reports with the state of condition for the properties also available.